Sunday, November 06, 2005

Welcome back to the Riot Act...

What up, my people. Been a minute. And so much has transpired since the last one. While I realize the Riot Act, in its original form, involved an open mic at a cool bar, I figured why not bring it back in the virtua-world.

We're on the precipice of another election, and I'm helping my buds toiling away thanklessly in the Bronx for a mayoral candidate that no one thinks has much of a chance. While it probably makes me less of an organizer, I'd like to think it makes me a better friend.

You should look forward to poetry, music reviews/critiques/recommendations, political news, and general rantings and ravings on life in general. All the cool kids are doing it...

Here are your first recommendations:
Blackalicious-The Craft
What an album, from top to bottom! Gab is just bananas, and the Chief's beats fight in my head about which one is going to be stuck there.

Pharoahe Monch-Book of Judges
Single, mostly floating around the internet. I've been clawing at the walls for a new Pharoahe track since he penned one of the best anti-war songs of the last fifty years, "Agent Orange" and Book of Judges doesn't disappoint, except that I'd like a third verse, dammit.

and, my favorite:
The Coup, featuring Black Thougth and Talib Kweli- My Favorite Mutiny:
Move, if you got the nerve. Amazing amazement, as my guy Amayo from Antibalas says. The beat sounds like 70's soul theme music, and all three verses are tight as hell. "I'm Boots Riley, it's a pleasure to meet you. Never let they punk asses EVER defeat you."

Welcome back to the Riot Act.


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