Friday, April 28, 2006

New Love, thy name is WiFi

Knucklehead, fear not. nor any of the other loves of my life. But I'm in Brooklyn at cocoabar, sipping the most delicious iced mocha ever and working. WiFi in a cocoa/coffee shop? As Sifl would say, GEEEEEENIUUUUUS!

Really annoyed about work right now. After fighting to the point of nearly not getting my previous gig to get shabbas off, I'm working at the Anti-War tomorrow. AND I HATE IT. !#$@#%$@ Part of its my fault for not being clear enough when i found out the event was on saturday, by the time i realized I was being asked to work, it was too late to back out. I figured, i'm working for Jews, they should get it, right? Anyway, as Knucklehead pointed out, I would go to the march anyway, but still. Managed to keep shabbas work free from june-september, one in september, then back to work free till, well, tomorrow. I really hope tomorrow's my last working shabbas ever.

I've made my first forays into jspot. Great great new jewish social justice blog, put together by the peeps at the Jewish Funds for Justice. Actually, they linked me a few weeks ago, when I talked about the Triangle fire anniversary. The first one is a slightly updated version of the MTA post of a few days ago, and the new one is about the American Arbitration Association certifying that a majority of the graduate students at NYU are still committed to bargaining collectively in the form of GSOC. check it out, and tell em Ruby sentcha!


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