Friday, September 22, 2006

This Is Next Year

Wow, each year really does go by faster than summer vacation. To my friends, my loved ones, my enemies, and friends/enemies i haven't met yet who happen to be reading this blog.

This year was a good one in some ways, not so great in others. As with what's become an increasingly common pattern in my life, I've been distracted, sometimes hard to reach, not always the most considerate. I've definitely not always been the presence in some of your lives that I want and hope to be. Forgetful, occasionally deceitful and frustrating. When G-d closes the books on this year, I've definitely got some stuff I'm not proud of going on there, but also a few things I did okay with. This year has been filled with moments I'd love to relive and others that I'm relieved are done.

As my Nanny, G-d bless her, and all Brooklyn Dodgers fan said in 1955,

This is next year.
and may you all be written for a good and sweet one.

Lshana Tovah.


Anonymous Desh said...

Shana tova, dude. May our, uh, extreme disagreement about which sports teams to root for give us nothing but more to talk about when we're not discussing our extreme agreement on most other matters. Have an excellent year.

11:06 AM  
Blogger Ruby K said...

Amen, your honor, amen. And we can agree on two things in sports: we hate the Redskins and Cowboys.

11:22 AM  

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