Sunday, November 06, 2005

Another year (almost) over

Chances are, by the time I post this, it will be my birthday. Last year, at this time, I was speeding towards Baltimore, Maryland, pushing Brain as fast as he could go so I could finally be out of all those ridiculous East Coast redstates and return home. Figured after the four months I had, spending my birthday with my baby, my parents, and my two closest friends was the best birthday I could have.

I find it funny that an organizer who occasionally fights a political battle has a birthday that's always around the election. Always a reminder that it could be worse. Hey, you're 23 birthday wasn't 11/7/2000, was it? BZ was kind enough to point out that, if the Israeli election is held when it's supposed to be, that my birthday will be the mid term elections and the Israeli elections. Makes me want to start some shit with all those July 4th birthday people. "Oh, you think you're so patriotic, well, every year the country's fate is decided on my birthday. Suckas!"

Today's recommendation: a belated thanking of George Miller.

I fumed at the suspension of wage standards for people getting money to rebuild a disaster ridden region. Somehow, paying the people who need jobs to survive less than area standards seemed, well, a bit off to me.

E-Day is 30 hours away. Vote people, it's a good habit to get into for next year.


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