Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Searching for Potato Bilkalekh...

I come from good cooking, erm, stock. Both my Grandma and Nanny K could cook, as can Momma K. But, in reading fellow Jewschool poster (and occasional verbal sparing partner) The Kvetcher's post on Yonah Schimmel, I got nostalgic for my Grandma, because she was the one who cooked the old school Ashkenaz dishes I crave.

The dish that, I think, was one of my favorites, was something called Potato Bilkalekh. How's this for old world cooking:

Boil some potatoes. Fry a bunch of onions in vegetable oil (since this was usually during Pesach, my guess is olive oil). Mash the onions, a few eggs, some salt, pepper and garlic powder into the potatoes. Take small patties of the potato mixture, roll in egg, then matza meal, then fry them.

Now, of course, I enjoyed that when I was a teenager, before I really was cooking a lot on my own, and in the foolishness of youth (where you think everyone's going to live forever, or at least you don't think they're going to die tomorrow), I never got the recipe from her. She passed when I was 22, completely out of the blue to all of us.

Now, I've been doing some internet searching for Potato Bilka, Bilkah, Bilkas, Bilkalekh and (as she pronounced them) Bilkalukh. And despite the over 200 hits I've located, I've only found one recipe which doesn't sound quite right. Guess what it's missing? The onions. So if any of you have any ideas about this, as Pesach really isn't all that far away (gasp!), lemme know.


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