Friday, January 20, 2006

Hope you're proud of yourself, backdoor George.

George Pataki, you're a jerk-off. Yes, I blame you in part for this, though it would paying you too much of a compliment to say the responsibility lies solely with you. But yeah, not getting involved in the process and then bitching about the deal, talking about vetoing, way to show leadership. Why don't you move to Iowa now, we'll throw some old clothes on you, stuff you with hay, and drive a wooden stake down your back.

By 7 votes, Local 100 rejects MTA contract:

The rejection, which seemed to catch city officials off guard, derails a painfully wrought agreement, represents a stunning defeat for the union's president, Roger Toussaint, and opens a potential Pandora's box of complications in any future negotiations. Those on both sides, however, were quick to say that another strike, while a possibility, was unlikely.
At the center of the rejection seemed to be a last-minute concession by the union in December that its members pay 1.5 percent of their wages toward health insurance premiums in return for the authority's dropping its insistence on inferior pensions for new workers. Just how unpopular that change was with union membership became starkly clear yesterday.

Steven Greenhouse covers it from the Freedom hating, Judy Miller backing, Red Sox owning Times...


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