Wednesday, January 18, 2006

When my labor side meets my jewish nostalgia side...

Because I don't have blind allegiance to anyone, not even pastrami that I've loved for most of my life, turns out there are other reasons to be frustrated with the sudden closing of 2nd Ave Deli:

EAST VILLAGE — Former workers at the 2nd Ave. Deli were as hot as the pastrami they once served when they heard the news Wednesday that the famous eatery was likely closed for good. Now, they’re threatening legal action.

The workers met with their union representatives from Local 100 of Unite Here!, a restaurant workers union, to discuss a possible breach of contract.

“This could be a potential labor dispute,” said Dennis Diaz, an organizer with Local 100, adding that the deli’s management hadn’t informed the union about its pending closure. “Workers are owed vacation and sick days. There’s two weeks severance, which is only two weeks, but still something. He didn’t even give them their last week of pay.”


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