Friday, January 13, 2006

Limmud NY: Back to tha Roots!

I grab Knucklehead and head for the hills in a few moments. Momma K reminds me that Nanny K grew up in South Fallsburg and has been telling me all about Kutshers, how they'd need two busboys per table, and how my Nanny (full boat and schedule 1 will love this) would go to the children's dining room with the fam because she didn't want to get all fancied up. "I'm going to the track later, could you bring me a steak?" That should answer Full Boat's question of why I dream about horseracing.

Limmud's schedule looks amazing, and will no doubt reduce me to flipping coins in some time slots. Bringing the leftover gelt and Knob Creek from latkepalooza to ensure I make some new friends, or at least maintain some of the more recent ones. It all looks pretty serious. First stop: KZ style Kabbalat Shabbat with BZ, Shamirpower et al.


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