Friday, January 13, 2006

More friends doing big t'ings and Limmud in T-minus 8 hours

While I have been away from my apartment, I've had two wonderful women subletting it. The process of subletting can be great or terrible, depending on who you happen to run into. I had a few great duos interested in the place, but what sold me on Jen and Sarah was two things. One was they seemed like really great people, smart, friendly, and decent. And they rolled with the punches when my landlord bumped the rent right before they were moving in. The second thing that sold me was their music. Jen told me they were musicians and I found some of their stuff and was drawn in. What can I say, I'm a sucker for creative folks, that's why I hang out with most of you.

Well, Inventing Eve's CD is finally complete. And I'm here to tell you to check it out. Like some of my favorite groups, their music is a tasty blend of a lot of great different styles and sounds. Take a listen, and support local music!

Now, pack, buy reeds, pack car, visit Mom, get Knucklehead and race Shabbas to Kutsher's for Limmud. The program is ridiculous, and it's doubtful that I'll be sleeping all that much. Look out to Jewschool for coverage. Was worried I was going to have call Schedule1 repeatedly for Giants updates, but Carolina's performance last week took care of that.


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