Monday, January 09, 2006

More art my people are doing...

So, you know how some of you say to me, "Hey, Ruby, what should I be listening to? What creative things should I be checking out?"

Glad you asked.

I'm linking to two friends today, and you should give them your attention. One's one of my favorite poets in NYC, the other is one of my favorite (anti)folk singers here.

I mentioned Ove before. But I'm mentioning him again because I just found out that while when he was in Cali for a little while this summer (while I was on the primary trail), he was getting filmed for a documentary called Spit, which has names like Nikki Giovanni and Woody Harrelson attached to it. It's in Cali February 10th, which means I'm sure it's going to be here in the five boroughs before you know it. This guy is amazing and deserves to be filmed. Plus, unlike certain activist poets you may know, he still has phat dreadlocks. I get to say I knew him when we were doing writing exercises together at the laundromat in Astoria.

Jenn Lindsay is an amazing, warm, incredible person, and then put her on a stage, or in front of mic, and you have power. Her stuff is unbelievable, cutting right to what you're thinking and feeling. I'm thinking of her now because I know she's at work in the studio on her new album, and has privately raved to me about how much she loves the new stuff. Plus, she's come back to Brooklyn after some time away from the City, and has found her home here.

Check em out, support em, and tell em Ruby sentcha!


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