Thursday, January 05, 2006

Kalikow admits he was wrong, and ANOTHER LEGEND CLOSING?!?!?!

"I put out a proposal that I thought would be most palatable to the union, and it turns out I was wrong."

What, you didn't hear them say "no pension cuts" a gazillion times?

At least the Mayor isn't drinking the same crap Back Door George is on.

In bad news, NY1 reports that ANOTHER NYC LANDMARK RESTAURANT is in jeopardy. The famed Second Avenue Deli is apparently in a rent dispute with its landlord, who wants to jack the rent up 5K, more than 20% of what their rent is now. Okay, now, so Mayor who had signs printed in Hebrew characters, would you like to do, uh, do something about this?


Blogger ALG said...


Just wanted to point out that, at least according to the NYT article, and this seems to be undisputed by the current owner, this rent increase was built into the lease that was signed a number of years ago. Maybe they signed the lease hoping that they would be able to convince the landlord not to raise the rent as much as the lease allows--wait, the article said that the landlord offered to raise the rent by a smaller amount than the lease allowed. I'm not saying that the landlord isn't greedy, but that the situation may be a bit more nuanced than you presented it.

Thanks for bringing it to our attention, though! Did you see the Jackie Mason comments in the article--about Jews and sandwiches? I thought they were hilarious.

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