Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Say goodbye to another New York Legend.

I love my city, but the past ten years have felt like a slow, insidious infection destruction of the places I love. When I first started coming into the city on my own, the music clubs were my lifeblood. Places like Tramps, Manny's Car Wash, Chicago BLUES, Wetlands, the Five Spot... you'll notice that all these clubs are now gone. Now, one of my favorite places to call dinner in the world is also on its way out...

McHale's is closing January 30th.

Open more than 50 years, McHale's is a Times Square classic. An old school Bar and Grill, the neighborhood bar all the bullshit chains are based on, with Casey Stengel beer posters side by side with the occasional Jerry Lewis "Damn Yankees" or Ed Burns "She's the One" signed poster. Some sports memoribilia, but nothing gaudy. Regular folks, tourists that were kind to their bellhops or did their internet research, the broadway pit musicians and techies, all came in for this veritable feast. A juicy, tasty HUGE burger that I still eat with fork and knife (hey, i like picking off the toppings, i don't understand why I do it that way either), even people who think having that much burger is extreme can split one (and they'll cut it in half for you). Friendly bartenders and wait staff, and Knob Creeks on the rocks for cheaper than your fancy ass trendy bar sells Jim Beam. Three tvs. Pictures of Hell's Kitchen's own Mullen Brothers, two of the best American born hockey players in the NHL. Three TVs, which may piss you off if you have a fantasy team, but I like that it's not so innundating.

It's Irish, it's got sports, and it's definitely a bar, but calling McHale's an Irish Sports Bar doesn't seem to fit. The wooden bar is from the 1939 World's Fair. And it's been a reliable meeting place, one for spreading the tasty secret, one for spending time with some of my favorite people on the earth. Hell, even Knucklehead (the vegetarian) and HC (the vegan) love the Black Bean Burger. How many places sport the best beef burger in town and a reliable vegan option? Not a lot.

I love New York's skyline, well, probably more than most, but obviously not everyone (I think schedule1 gets the nod there). But someone's taking down McHale's for a hi-rise condo building? My guess is that most folks who now can eat a feast fit for royalty at McHale's couldn't afford to live in the building taking its place.

Say goodbye while you can. I imagine I'll be going a few times this month, if you're interested.

Recommendation: McHale's, 46th and 8th. Burger. Oh, eat a light lunch if you're having dinner there, trust me.


Anonymous steck. said...

i'm crushed.

shorty rock.

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