Sunday, December 25, 2005

The week without Knucklehead begins on a high note...

Knucklehead is presently on another continent. Thankfully, I have a week of the city at its best and friends coming up to visit to console me. I took her to the airport, picked up Schedule1 and dropped him at his annual Christmas celebration on the way to mine, with my big Irish second family. As always, that was a spirited hoot, filled with delicious food and lots of teasing. The prince and his sweetie got engaged, I'm so happy for them, she's a good chick who'll take his shit and give it back to him. The only one missing was the Mouseman, a couple thousand miles away in aplace that's anything like winter.

After that, met up with my favorite Jewish drummer, his sister and her beau/my bud for some good ole fashioned Jewltide. Wow, what a set. Holy crap! Can't believe I've never heard BBB before, but man, are they worth it.

Today is chinese food and movie with the fam and my second favorite liberal Texan. Nothing like Christmastime for the Jews.

Recommendation: BALKAN BEAT BOX. They were absolutely phenominal. Check out their site, they are really incredible.


Blogger Rob said...

finally doing a thorough check of the blog - you so rock my world. "favorite Jewish drummer" - can I quote you on that? lets chat soon bro

11:18 PM  

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