Monday, December 19, 2005

We're winning?!

Wow. After the day I've had, it's a good thing I no longer have cable. Because if I had cable, I'd have been tempted to watch this. It's really good to know CNN must get this stuff directly from the White House, because he's got sections named "Campaign of Murder" and "Defeatists". We're winning the war in Iraq? WE'RE WINNING?!

I wondered if it meant he was pulling for Tiki and the Giants, moving in on the NFC East title.

What happened to "We Won"?! What happened to they would love us after we took out Saddam?

Oh, I'm not a defeatist. I can see some good in this. Maybe, just maybe, you won't send out your damn stormtroopers to keep OUR people from voting. That's something even you could learn from this election. Nearly 2200 US troops dead, thousands injured for life, and G-d knows they won't tell us how many Iraqis are actually dead or injured. Why2K is 2 centuries obsolete. When we hit 3K, I'll have to do another one, maybe it will involve marvin the martian.

Anyway, you know you're having a frustrating day when watching this movie is your highlight.

Time marches on for New York, and the strike clock is at 22 hours, 27 minutes. two bus lines in queens are already out. The news coverage of this thing is really annoying, it's all about how terrible the strike will be and how the workers shouldn't strike. Well, maybe it's the MTA who should give a decent deal, eh? Those people make our lives so much better here in the five boroughs, why shouldn't they have health insurance and decent benefits?


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