Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Meet (some of) the poets...

Now, I figure, is as good a time as any, for me to throw props out to some of my sister/brother poets out on the web, posting poetry. And, dear readers, if ya got a blog/poetry site, hit me up, I'm happy to link to you.

Ove (known to the world as Oveous Maximus)- I love this guy. Not cuz you can't make the word love without his name, nor because he carries the dreadlocks I wish I still had. No, it's because I've watched this dude, in a few short years, go from someone who was watching and working, one line at a time, to absolutely killing mics all over the northern hemisphere.

Tshaka- this brother is sick. Sick! And he's champion Slam Poet of San Francisco, which says something, dunnit? If he still brings it, like I know he does, he has poets everywhere screaming "shut the fuck up, my soul is bleeding"

Carly Sachs- met this awesome DC Jewish sister only once, but dug her stuff and just found out she's getting picked up! Yeah poets doin' the damn thing. Her site's a blog, so like me, stories and life-stuff between poems. Check her out, and congratulate her on her book! Also, she runs a fantastic sounding poetry event called "The Burlesque Poetry Hour", and the only poet I know who wants me to take it off is Knucklehead, but apparently she dug me at the JCC festival so much that she's invited the Rubester back to the plasticity for some readin. I gotta figure out what I can leave, I can't leave my jersey.

Check em out, give me love, and tell em that Ruby K sentcha!


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