Thursday, December 08, 2005

spontaneous poem post two

I spit words into cyberspace,
hoping they'll reach your eyes,
or at least boomerang back to me
with words denying my demise

suprise, Ruby K's got more lives
than cats
more ages than earth
more than sages worth at berth

The 18th letter for life
baddest kohain
since Pinchas ended the plague with a knife

struggling between what works and what fits
splits hairs like airs like atoms

I catch you unaware.

sparing feelings for seasons
and silence for my reasons
but Animal and Hawk are the
kindest of my legions.

It may be quiet
in this corner of the world,
but don't let your ears deceive you
packing in
more cocoons
than Cronyn and Brimley

Feeling my oats
as I scratch a path
through my book
fighting back
to my home
just get one last look.

I spit my words into cyberspace
hoping that they'll boomerang
coming back a thousand times
stronger for their journey and
I hope they stop in on you along the way
to let you know I pray for you every day.

My syllables hide less
when in poetry form
unabashed unashamed
naked and raw

its no secret
that sometimes you may forget
what you saw

so these pixilated elements
are testaments
to both past
and what's in store.

They'll cut through
DSL or phonelines like a machete through butter,
they'll kickstart wireless connections
hell, my words don't even have to leave
the keyboard to create their own wifi

they'll leap computer to computer
like running through cars
on a subway

rooftop to rooftop
just to find their way
back to you, then back to me
pixilated imagery
communicating efficiently
back to you, then back to me

and all the while my words escape me
tumble out of fingers and mouths and pores
they've been locked in for months
are hyper beyond themselves
banging into each other seeing who's going to escape first.

I'll let you choose who gets free
and who gets left behind
which words dance beyond
the borders of our minds

but my words are out for a joyride
excited to once again be free
and i hope they return a thousand times stronger
back to you, then back to me.


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