Thursday, December 08, 2005

One door closes, another wall falls open...

Knucklehead is up, deliriously regaling me with lines from Fiddler. Think it's because one friend of mine changed his name to Motl. He's working with an incredible Yiddish Language theater troupe, so I guess it makes sense.

This has been a hard 24 hours, especially since the "Songs of Spirit" concert at St. John the Divine was top heavy with unenjoyable new agey stuff, and the sound guys didn't seem to have their stuff together when it came to the Klezmatics. The Tibetan Monks were awesome, tho, especially when Craig Harris, jazz trombonist extrodinaire, started dueling with one of the monks playing a huge tuba like instrument.

I suppose spending six hours out in the cold, yelling my head off about a strike is a poor way to avoid my sore throat.

what do you do when it all falls down? Among other things, you thank G-d that there are incredible people doing amazing things, like one bud of mine bridging the Jewish/Muslim gap here in NYC. check it out (and props to BZ via Jewschool for the link).


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