Tuesday, December 06, 2005

spontaneous poem post!

Hurry Up, Mashiach

You've got to be running late, because
there no other reason
you're inexplicably absent up to this date.

All those who fight to make
this world acceptable for your arrival
instead await
an awful fate.

I'm waiting
for the Mashiach,
because then being an out of work
Jewish activist
won't seem out of place
I'd be able to save face
and not worry about
if I was Jewish enough
or an activist enough

why worry?
The Mashiach is here
ready to disappate all your fears.

You won't need to register people to vote
or protect yourself from anti-freedom legislation
being gently shoved down your throat.

You won't need to worry about born agains
seeking your conversion
or sweat doing poems in their
slam or full versions,

because the Mashiach don't take points off
if you go over time,
and if your poem's wack, relax
you'll still get a ten every time.

I don't know if bacon or cheeseburgers
will be made okay,
but chicken parm?

And she will,
puffing to her heart's content
while munching on mulberry street
arriving in time for San Genaro and avoiding
summer heat.

We won't need to watch the police
we won't need to protest Bush
we won't have to worry about
the poor not getting enough

because when Mashiach comes,
she's gonna politely redistribute
all the wealth among the world,
enough for everyone
to eat, drink, and be merry.

She won't need to scream and shout
although she might do it for fun,
She won't have to walk picket lines,
the days of wretched employers done.

We won't need unions.
We won't need social groups
We won't need money,
just the Mashiach,

ready to take care of us like a mother
to 6 billion, although when we add the souls
rising from the dead,
it could be double or triple instead.

but then it occurs to me,

what if the Mashiach has as little luck as me,
turned away by the people she wants to help free?

What if she's gotta knock on doors
face people calling her all sortsa names
face Rove and his swift boat whores
somehow giving her the blame.

Oh, she's here to stop the famine,
well, how could she let one start?
where was she when those buildings
were blown apart?

Mashiach, why do you hate freedom?

I hope she's as persistant as she's sweet and kind
and waiting outside the walls for us to open up our minds,
because I can't wait for her to get here,

I've got so much help I need
getting all this work done is tough
when people won't let you do good deeds.

So i'm waiting for Mashiach
then I won't have to save face
and being an out of work Jewish activist
won't make me out of place.


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