Sunday, December 04, 2005

Take that, Maureen Dowd!

There are some things that seem to provoke extreme opinions in this world. Maureen Dowd seems to inspire love or hate in her readers, who of course, keep reading her whether they love or hate her.

But both Knucklehead and I were put out by the exerpts from her book that were recently in the (Freedom Hating, Judy Miller publishing, Achmed Chalabi crediting, Boston Red Sox owning) New York Times Magazine, claiming feminism was dying away and other such nonsense. Special knowledge to Liz Chimenti, an ole COLA comrade, who put this out on Friendster. Should give us all a lift.

Live, from the CEPR:

Economic Study Refutes Myth that Women are Opting Out
Weakness in labor market - not motherhood - linked to lower participation rates


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