Sunday, November 27, 2005

You win 'em over

Could the Kid from Massachusetts take on the four man Wrecking Crew from New Orleans? Two incredibly different shows, vibes, crowds, but the same result: an unbelievable show. Props to Melissa Ferrick for putting on a set peppered with new songs, and a great mix of older ones we don't hear as often. Along with Antibalas, she's among of handful performers that's not afraid to put on a show with shit we just plain haven't heard yet, and its so good, it doesn't matter that we can't sing along yet.

AAAAAAAAAAAND Props to her again for her decision to go with her gut on Drive. For those of you who don't know Melissa Ferrick (WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! GO BUY HER CDS!!!!), she's got a song that's really popular, a ranuchy ditty called Drive. It's a great tune, funny, funky, and as a song that openly talks about lesbian sex, it can be liberating (yes, even for a straight dude. everyone has the right to rock out to a raunchy song, even people that don't fit into the hetero world view). But for last year or so, the few times I've seen her, Melissa seemed, well, not that psyched to do the song. So last night, amidst the shouts of people to do Drive as an encore, Melissa told folks that she hadn't been feeling it and that she wasn't going to perform it for a while... she felt like it had turned into a parody, and she didn't like that. I thought it was fantastic that she did that, because she's got a wealth of amazing material, and while I love the song, I'd rather hear her do what she feels.

Also, opener Natalia Zukerman was fantastic! I was kinda mad, because an opener for a set at Joe's Pub is a pretty ridiculous concept. The sets already going to be short, why do it? But she was fantastic. Unfortunately, my two favorite songs of her set are not out yet. MAAAAAAN!

The Meters
Melissa Ferrick
Natalia Zukerman

find their music, support them, listen to them, and love them.


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