Saturday, November 26, 2005


Or rather, they bite me. THE DRAGON! I'm sure Knucklehead may have something to say about my grammar, but no one can deny that The Meters are back with a vengeance. Wow. 2.5 hour set, 20 minutes of encores, and damn, are my legs sore. He Bite Me has been in my head all week, so it was awesome that they played it (and it was FIYO!). Of course, Fiyo, Cissy Strut, Hey Pocky Way, Look a Py Py, Ain't No Use all were dropped, and, my personal favorite movement of the night, when they took their classic track, Africa, and made New Or-Leans the chorus instead of Africa.

Not only was this concert amazing sonically, not only did it live up to expectations, but it was moving, as it was pretty obvious the audience was dominated by Nawlins expats staying in NY and around.

The show sold out. And tix were not cheap. Which says to me, hey, Meter men, you could do this part time. This is not to say Brian Stoltz and Russell Baptiste are slouches, they are incredible players in their own right. But whether its "The Funky Meters", or Leo with an all star trio around him jamming away, its not the same. I'm still waiting for Leo's solo album, he dropped a monster track at the big apple unity jam in '01. Anyway, my point is, I'd see them once a year. At least. and I know I'm not the only one. Hell, they could do a charity tour in the spring, call it: The March to Jazzfest. We'd love to see you put aside whatever it is that split you up in the first place. And hey, face it, it's a different world than when you started. There's a whole generation solely living off your vinyl. You have bands doing their own labels, their own tours. Its easier for indy artists to spread the word...

Schedule1 says Melissa Ferrick was great tonight, has some new songs... but the boys from Nawlins will be a tough act to follow.

Recommendation: Please find their stuff and listen to it.


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