Thursday, November 24, 2005

If young people dig this, we're alright....

I'm doing Thanksgiving Headless Horseman stylee, sans Knucklehead who's in Big D with her family of liberal Jews (who knew there were so many of them in Texas?!). Ah well, they stole my baby from me, so now they get to watch their football team lose in overtime! AHAHAHAHAHAHA! While I miss her a lot, I'm excited about what's already gone down, and what's going down Friday and Saturday.

Wednesday was an amazing concert with Knucklehead, Blackalicious and G. Love. Or rather, G. Love with Blackalicious. I was there to see Gift, Lateef, and the crew, and seeing G. Love was a cool bonus. I've always liked G. Love, going back to the college days, but not listened to his albums over and over again in a row. Whereas (and General Morcilla did not believe this) when I had a choice between The Craft and listening to two of the greatest musicians in history , I bumped The Craft for several days straight.

What gave the title to this post was being at that wednesday night show... Knucklehead and I seemed to be two of the oldest people at the show, by a lot. And it was filled with these high school and college kids, most of 'em definitely too young to be drinkin (in the legal sense, anyway). But when Blackalicious was on, they were tuned in, dancing, and listening. I'm guessing most of em heard about G-Love in college. Or maybe... well, truthfully I don't know. I always feel like a lot of my favorite groups out these days simply do not get their props. The Coup and the Lifesavas show in Manhattan was VERY POORLY attended, and these are two hip hop groups that have a lot more skills than what you hear on the radio. But, there was Gab and Lateef, rockin the mic, with a couple thousand people in the audience gettin down. Maybe there's hope after all.

Friday is a show I've been waiting for for a very long loooooooooong time. The Meters are reuniting. Art, George are being rejoined by Leo and Zigaboo, and I can't tell you how psyched I am for this show. Brian and Russell are incredible, no doubt, and I've grown to love the Funky Meters over the years, as I've been able to see this lineup and not the original band.

Let me tell you something. Funk music, and music as we know it today, does not exist without the Meters. They are one of the 20 most important bands of the last 50 years. They are on equal footing with James Brown and George Clinton in my mind.

Saturday is another show I've been excited for... Melissa Ferrick returns to Joe's Pub. Actually, she's back tomorrow, too, but I HAVE TO SEE THE METERS, DAMNIT!

Today's recommendation: LISTEN TO THE METERS. Find their albums, their mp3s, whateva. If you ask, I'll give you track recommendations. But they've changed your soundscape and you don't even know it.


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