Tuesday, November 08, 2005

A notice to the would be Mayor...

If Mr. Ferrer wins, it will be on the strength of the Bronx turnout. If he wins, I have a recommendation. The people most excited about his candidacy live in places like 8 floor apartment buildings in Hunts Point that are falling apart, and wouldn't be walk ups except the elevator's busted. ask me how I know? I doorknocked Fort Apache and Hunts Point today. It was kinda nice being in the point, almost bounced to say hello at the Point Community Center. Now I can focus on the reading in DC, the Writer's Guild picket tomorrow, the grad students strike at NYU, and the lockout at Radio City.

Today's recommendations:
Keep informed, as New York has more picket lines than 1930s San Francisco:

Musicians locked out at Radio City!

NYU Grad Students on Strike!

Writer's Guild striking Big Big Productions!


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