Monday, November 07, 2005

Callin' on Sunday...

So, birthday passed with not much hoopla, but a great girl and fam and friends have I. Got a few calls and emails from the reliables and the occasional surprise. Worked my ass off in the Boogie Down for Freddy (and by Freddy, I mean Gustavo, Angela, Sunshine, Jeremy, Dorcas and Fleming), and Baby took me out to a sumptuous Italian feast at my favorite Italian place, Positano's.

If you act now, you can still remind me that 28 isn't that old.

Introducing Marisa to the Glory that is Mash-Ups, and today's recommendation goes out to she who makes my life all sortsa great.

Party Ben takes two favorites of mind and puts them together seamlessly. This dude is pretty serious.


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