Monday, November 21, 2005

It's safe to watch scantily clad Santas again...

Coming four days late from an labor activist musician, it seems the radio city lock-out was settled. It's now safe to celebrate Christmas by spending 250 dollars to watch kicklines by the manger.

(note to folks who think the Times has a liberal bias: a lock out is when management tells you you cannot work. a strike is when you leave voluntarily. if you show up to work and are escorted from the building by security, that's a lockout. Musicians were thrown out of the building by security, told they couldn't work the opening day, that's a freaking lockout. Not strike. Even the "liberal" times is calling it a strike, they need some basics in labor history)

Perhaps more importantly, it's now also safe to watch this guy, who's got more than half the goals he had all last season already. Yes, last season was 03-04.


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