Thursday, December 22, 2005

mid day inspiration live from freshchester

you are
the most beautiful woman
i've ever seen.

and i'm not saying that because
I'm kissing you right now,
while words break down into
smallest possible components
syllables letters pitches soundwaves

and slip themselves into your bloodstream
through your heart beating eardrum.

I'm saying it because
you made me fall off my camel
stop my brain
in midday traffic

because Delilah wouldn't have a chance
with me
but for you,
I'd consider at least a small haircut.

because Helen of Troy called me,
rightfully surrendering her title
of the face that launched a thousand ships.

She left the certificate with me,
for you to pick up the next time you see

Moutains weep tears that swell rivers
beyond their banks
hearts outgrow ribcages
in mere moments

just thinking about you
helped my eyes get so strong
the pupils
and punched the lenses out of their frames

The San Andreas fault
mended itself ever so briefly
the last time you flew over it.

This is not some empty compliment.
This is simply fact.


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