Saturday, December 31, 2005

In Asbury Park and BROOKLYN!

Great show last night. Melissa Ferrick played through guitar trouble, a terrible mix, and a really rude cround, and even dusted off a few favorites I haven't heard in ages. Also, as Schedule1 and I were talking about during the drive down, she actually played with a drummer, and just sounded awesome.

Also, great actually hanging out with Schedule1 last night. While Knucklehead's been away, this week has been great for catching up with old friends, with HC, Nologic, MA, and TheTastyOne (although TheTastyOne has not been answering his phone and he may split New York before I can see him). But I drove around with Schedule1 and just caught up with him.

As The Year That Tried To Eat My Soul At the Beginning And The End draws to a close, dear readers, reflect on the good and bad and remember that every new year starts today.


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