Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Is google really dumb, or trying to alert me?

I found this fiercely anti-union link on my gmail. I know their skimming my content to give me ads, but are they trying to clue us in, or are they just really pathetically bad with their interface?

"Radical unions hold workers and employer hostage with their more and more radical political and social agenda. See Unions taking the Secret ballot box away from our workers"

Oh yeah, their radical political and social agenda. Like the weekend, overtime, and 8 hour days? Taking away the ballot box? Oh no you didn't! I better go to bed before my head explodes.

Edit- man, the google police act quickly. The riot act dropped from the 3rd highest "Ruby K" link to, well, I can't even find it. Damn, dudes, what's with the censorship?


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