Sunday, January 01, 2006

Hey La, Hey La, my baby's back!!!

tho she forsook me for Machu Picchu and adventures with her brother, Knucklehead lands in T-minus 1 hour. Excitement, relief, joy (and a little bit of fear about the traffic I'll encounter in procuring her from LaGuardia) and the secret hopes of smuggled coca leaves. mmmm, coca.

Sometimes, angels need
airplanes to double as air-
borne transportation.

And speaking of haikus, turns out a friend of mine is doing a tri-weekly competition on live journal called Iron Poet. Seems it's time for the Rubester to get busy.

But first, getting busy picking up beautiful Chicana Jews from the airport. She's even flying my favorite hold 'em hand. (you know, A-merican A-irlines?) AAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA


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