Sunday, January 08, 2006

The tastes, sights, and sounds of Latkepalooza II

Latkepalooza was brilliant. I'm sad we missed last year, but look forward to making it an annual event. We were graced with the wonderful presence of all sorts of great people, even though some Knucklehead's and my best friends couldn't be there (the list of nos on the e-vite grew more sad as time went by), people who came two hours, who left two kids at with family, who left their new son for the first time (!), who stopped by even though they had kids to teach and things to do in the am, poets, activists, teachers, cooks, bakers, candlestickmakers (no, not really), musicians, new friends, old friends... it was hot. Even after trying to hurd people from the kitchen repeatedly because of the need for cooking space, the kitchen remained backed. Special props to folks that really helped the party flow and gave me breaks from grating potatoes and cooking latkes, especially with Schedule1 visiting the Sharkmaster in Reno.

The latkes came out great. Knucklehead's chevruta's husband threw a bunch of pepper into the second batch, and I threw a lot of cajun seasoning into both batches, giving them some more flavor of their own. Thanks to him, Lamb, Mommapoet and Tyshare for giving me a lot of help on the latkes, you guys are awesome! And speaking of flavor, Knucklehead's cookies were the bomb, and folks had a lot of fun making them. Lemme just say, y'all who missed it, missed a serious party.

Ah, and as promised, the soundtrack for this year's latkepalooza:
1) Hello (remix)- Lyrics Born
2) Christmas in Hollis- Run DMC
3) The Hanukkah Song- Adam Sandler (live)
4) Christ for President- Billy Bragg and the Blokes (live)
5) Protocols of the Elders of Zion- Rav Shmuel (live)
6) Christmastime for the Jews- Darlene Love
7) Long Haired Radical Socialist Jew- Hugh Blumenthal
8) Hanukkah Song, pt 2- Adam Sandler (live)
9) Santa Baby- Eartha Kitt
10) Sevivon- Sagol 59
11) Oi to the World- No Doubt
11) Zat You, Santa Claus- Louis Armstrong
12) Happy Joyous Hanukkah- Klezmatics (live)
13) Christians and the Pagans- Dar Williams (live)
14) Don't Fuck with Santa Claus- The Ripcordz
15) If I had a HAMMER- Pete Seeger (live)
16) Light one Candle- Peter, Paul and Mary (live)
17) Rumania, Rumania- Eartha Kitt
18) The Night Santa Went Crazy- Weird Al Yankovic
19) W Sucks- Robyn Hitchcock
20) Auld Lang Syne- The Ripcordz
21) The Latke Song- Debbie Friedman

Merry Latkepalooza to all, and to all, a good night.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fuck you and your stupid e-vite shit that left me Latkeless. Anyways for the next one some music suggestions--

"What WE Do on Christmas"-- Atom and His Package (a nice Jewish boy, sample lyric: "You're still mad about what happened to your pal Jesus, well if he didn't die for your sins you'd be goin to hell with the rest of us")

"Ho, Ho, Ho Chi Minh"-- Showcase Showdown ("Ho, Ho, Ho Chi Minh. He comes down from the North. Ho Ho Ho Chi Minh, presents he brings forth. Ho Ho Ho Chi Minh, he's a jolly man they say. Ho Ho Ho Chi Minh, smash the state on Christmas Day.")

"Merry Christmas, I Fucked Your Snowman"-- Showcase Showdown (nuff said)


The white-ass Irish Sand-Neegrow

P.S. Semites kick ass! Once we throw off the religious fanatics and imperial interests, we'll unite in the Middle East and take over the world. But we shall be benevolent rulers-- giving all the good boys and girls and trannies all over the world a great bounty of delicious shawarma and latkes!

9:13 PM  
Blogger Ruby K said...

Yeah man. I have to say, "Don't Fuck with Santa Claus" is a classic I discovered on the web... do to time restraints, a really fucked up "Charlie Brown's Massacre", a condensed version of a charlie brown Christmas over the beat to Rhymin and Stealin (which is really the beat from "When the Levee Breaks") and the Snoopy song, didn't make the cut.

mmm, latkes and shwarma. If I can't eat latkes, I don't want to be part of your revolution.

the (not so) long haired, radical, socialist jew.

9:24 PM  

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