Sunday, January 08, 2006


After a crazy 24 hours, Knucklehead and I pulled together a fantastic shindig. Great people, music, food, booze, and merriment. People even drank the eggnog! The cajun tinged latkes gave them a nice flavor. Next year, I think I may want to add an element of sweet to them (no, not sweet potatoes, as they burn at different oil temperatures. stay focused, people). Here's a question for the reading public: should we make latkepalooza post new year's as a regular date, or should we box out other parties for position and stay somewhere around the holiday season. This year was an exception, because of Knucklehead's southern hemispheric travels and hanukkah's late arrive.

Stay tuned to later for more details on the cd mix of the year (so far) the Latkepalooza 2, electric bugalu soundtrack.

In other news, who left a brown sweater and a black wrap at Knucklehead's? Anyone want some gelt or hershey's kisses?


Blogger sched1/david. said...

it's boogaloo, dammit!!!

and make it on a day when most people aren't travelling.

5:56 PM  
Blogger Ruby K said...

People who tell me "maybe" they're going someplace have no business pretending they know how to spell Bugalu. Or when to have my parties.

6:14 PM  

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