Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Good tidings from GodofPoool...

... who reports to me that he spoke to Big Jim McHale yesterday, the last day of operations for McHale's as we know it. GodofPoool tells me that Big Jim is serious about re-opening somewhere in Hell's Ki.... Clinton, and soon. Ah, if we could somehow combine the burgers of McHale's with the fresh cut fries and battered onion rings of The Blarney Stone. The waitress who formerly hates us told me it would take a year, but I did notice the Joe Franklin's/Bennigan's lunacy emptied out... hmm, maybe all is not lost. Anyone hear anything about Second Ave Deli? Zappy was ready to punch a wall when he heard that not only did McHale's close up nearly 2 weeks early, but that Second Ave is gated up as well.

Long Live McHale's!


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