Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Guess what? I've spoken to Norm... We're gonna live in the trees!

The National Havurah Committee's SUMMER INSTITUTE is less than SEVEN MONTHS AWAY!

If you had told me last January that one of the things I'd really be psyched about 7 months in advance was the Institute, you would have been met with skepticism. NOT TODAY. Maybe it was that (while Limmud was a great time) the things that Limmud lacked were things the Institute had in spades (like the constant flow of creativity out of the participants, something that was present, but not as much so at Limmud, or that we were allowed to bang on the table).

But I've been devoting a lot of energy to tell folks I know about the Everett program (go to this amazing week long program for 100 bucks, everything included) and about the institute in general. So nu, BZ, when can I register online?


Blogger BZ said...

Applications will be online soon - maybe by the end of January?

Yay!!! Everyone should go to the Institute!

I've been thinking about differences between NHC and Limmud NY, and they're both great, but I agree that they have different strengths. Limmud NY wins at being a standalone conference with big-name presenters, and the NHC can't compete there. But it's possible to go to Limmud and be a passive participant. The NHC's strength is in being a catalyst for grassroots Jewish communities throughout the year -- the Institute inspires people to go home and create.

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