Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Fatte onore al Purim...

So, as with what happens with most of craziest times, I've fallen behind on blogging... crazy what happens to you once you take on a full time job you care about, right? When things are coming together with it a little more, I'll go into more detail, dear readers.

But my night of Purim debauchery, while it ended with me feeling like I had accomplished all the partying I could, was pretty much bereft of any real debauchery. Unless you count stealing all the blankets from Knucklehead as debaucherous. But it all starts Thursday night...

Thursday night, Knucklehead and went to Shamirpower's vanderful birthday party. While no photographic evidence exists that we were there, you can check out Shamir's pix on her bloggy blog. One thing that always impresses me about Shamir is her posse is even larger than mine... and I pride myself on knowing hordes of good people. As I see her, floating around, catching people for a few moments here and there, it's kinda surreal, as I think, man, so that's what it's like to be a guest at a party like this. Latkepalooza and my birthday party were both packed with people, and I love this, but it also means I barely see any of them. Knucklehead and I hang for an hour or two, then go back to her place to prepare for Shabbas. See, we're going to a potluck friday night, and having people over for Shabbas lunch, so it's time to start cooking. 3 main dishes and two sides later, it's now pretty darn late and time for bed.

Friday night is Anarchist Shabbas birthday dinner/jam for Shamir. Kabbalat Shabbat in anarchist form, all sorts of crazy tunes and different order, two guitars, two drums and a saxophone, all squished into Shamir's tiny apt. Thanks for being born, Shamir! And bringing your awesomeness to us in the form of Anarchist Shabbas. Any service where afterwards, BZ tells you it makes him feel like he's "stodgy", you know its turning things on its head. Then, more food, cake, jamming. Got to play "What's love got to do with it" with Aliza Hava, and make all sorts of music with her, BZ and AFR. Also got to know Arak, slivovitz's israeli cousin, with AB. A good, nice, late time was had by all. Even by Shamir's nephew, who at 8 months old is going to be a great drummer!

Saturday morning, hauled my carcass out of bed for the Dar, as Knucklehead was delivering a great dvar torah on Amalek. And she did. Now, she claims that she's going to start her own blog and post it there. I'll believe it when I see it. But it definitely wrestled with the difficulty of Amalek and how we as Jews fit into the world. Hopefully she'll let me post it here, or will actually put it up. This is an open challenge to you, baby. :-) Saturday afternoon, we got to have lunch with a few great friends, including two that BETTER NOT BE MOVING TO NORTH CAROLINA. Tasty, thought and laugh provoking, good stuff. And always psyched when old friends come across the park, bearing their sense of humor and dessert.

After rousing Knucklehead from her nap, and fighting our way through the subways, we made it to the Nefarious Ones' place in Brooklyn for dinner with them and the Buddys. And man, was it awesome. Felt like we hadn't seen the Buddys in a long looooooooong time, and always great to see the Nefarious Ones as well. Plus, the Nefarious One not only made a delicious pesto parmesan pasta dish, but she rolled her own truffles! Man. So good. We failed in our decision to drink less wine than we did the last time we were there... last time, we had 5 bottles for 5 of us, this time, 7 bottles for six of us. And I also learned that while I know a thing or two about whiskey, I'm totally inadequate when it comes to wine. When in doubt, I go with funny looking labels/names. But they ended up being two very tasty reds. Almost went with a Pinot Noir that was in a box out of old times sake, but thought better of it.

One would think that my saturday night would end there, but it didn't. In the hopes of catching either one or both of the birthday parties happening on the premises, I hopped out of the cab that was taking the sleepy tipsy Knucklehead home (in fairness, she got up several hours before me to finish up her dvar torah) to head towards Leisure Time Bowling. While I missed NF's shinding, the fabulous Rookface was still there, posse in full effect, with Schedule1 representing. Rookface is my buddy who's an incredible jazz singer and all around awesome chick. Of course, someone as cool as that also has a phat crew, and I got to have a bunch of laughs with them over strikes, spares, gutters and brews. Not only that, even got to meet Rookface's older sister, who's every bit the laugh riot Rookface is. And after many of the folks decided to call it a night, I had the pleasure of sitting at the Westway diner with the sisters Rookface until 3 something in the morning. Such a blast.

And sunday? Sunday, Knucklehead and I made hamentashen with a bunch of friends. Of course, hamentashen making started as a two hour event... and ended up lasting about 7 hours, including dinner and a festive game of apples and apples. I even sauteed up some shallots (thanks Shamir!) and mushrooms to make savory hamentashen (which i thought came out well, for the record). Schedule1 made a nutella and popcorn hamentash which I also approved of.

Felt so completely run down yesterday (I must be getting sick) that through much of the day I just felt positively awful. Did make it to the Dar's megilah reading (couldn't miss BZ's maariv!!!) with Knucklehead and I going as Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. Afterwards, we went to Kush for dinner, as it says in the story... well, actually, we took to an Ethiopian restaurant, and I got to sit under a portrait of His Imperial Majesty, which got a few jokes out of ER. I was most impressed with BZ and crew, who took Pie day to the extreme: Cow Pie, the Pied Piper, Pie in the Sky, American Pie, Sweetie Pie, and my personal fave, Pecan Pie. Of course, many of these played off puns, with LL making a giant Goya can and having green baloons (representing Peas) coming out, and MB bringing a pie-rat for him to pipe away.


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