Monday, March 13, 2006

Rare breed of Democrat discovered in Senate... with a spine.

Russ Feingold of Wisconsin, who has definitely earned my forgiveness over his 2001 mistake, is going to introduce a measure today in the Senate that would censure Chucklenutz over his domestic eavesdropping. Nice to see some action of this kind after the Repugnicans fell into line last week.

From the man's press release himself:
“The President must be held accountable for authorizing a program that clearly violates the law and then misleading the country about its existence and its legality,” Feingold said. “The President’s actions, as well as his misleading statements to both Congress and the public about the program, demand a serious response. If Congress does not censure the President, we will be tacitly condoning his actions, and undermining both the separation of powers and the rule of law.”
Feingold's also got a great fact sheet about this bullshit wiretap program, complete with quotes from Chucklenutz public speeches where he's completely lying to the public about what's going on.

So here's my question: when is this going to matter to Repugnicans? I know a few conservatives, some of them have brains in their heads and are as serious about liberty as we all are. When do the actions of this administration wake them up? Does it make me a sad person that somewhere inside me, I have some hope?


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