Monday, February 27, 2006

Support Indie bands who give Hummer the bird!

Got this AP piece from DailyKos and just had to repost it. Seems some great Indie bands and former music groups have been turning down a chance at exposure and big bucks to license their songs to Hummer:

The Thermals, a rambunctious rock band from Portland, Ore., were en route between gigs last year when they got a phone call from their label, Sub Pop. Hummer wanted to pay them $50,000 for the right to use their song "It's Trivia" in a commercial.

"We thought about it for about 15 seconds, maybe," lead singer Hutch Harris said.
They said no.

Washington D.C.'s Trans Am were offered $180,000 by Hummer for the song "Total Information Awareness."

"We figured it was almost like giving music to the Army, or Exxon," guitarist Philip Manley said.
Full story here. My goal is to find and listen to every band mentioned in the article, and do positive reviews here. Once I do this, dear readers, you'll know...


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