Sunday, February 19, 2006

You lookin MIGHTY GOOD to me!

Last night ended with Knucklehead and I, exhausted from dancing and a crazy Shabbas, collapsing while watching Grail. What brought us to this place of exhaustion? This man. And the funny thing is, Stanley Joseph "Buckwheat" Dural, Jr. has no idea what role he's played in bringing Knucklehead and I together. But we got to see him tear up BB King's last night. It was a great show, he even rocked out on organ for us. Can't say enough about him. Don't know him? WHY NOT?!?!!?!?!?! Seriously, check him out. And while you're looking for good new music to listen to, check out Catherine Russell. She opened for Buck, sounded fantastic and rolled out some great old and new tracks. She's playing Joe's Pub 4/11, hopefully she'll have a better website by then. :-) But really, keep an eye out for her.

How's the rest of the weekend been so far? As always, a cooking race against the shabbas clock (and I made it), trying a variation on a recipe passed to me by the Nefarious One. Her's was much better, but mine still came out pretty well, and I hope to perfect it. Because of the amount of company and the fact that I wanted to add some onion and mushroom to the mix, i doubled everything else and it came out pretty decently.

Still, I need to work on some pasta sauces that aren't cream (or half and half) based.

Kol Zimrah was Friday night, and the attendance started out kinda slow (I was greeting folks). BZ was leading (yasher koach!) and he asked me if he should start, I looked in, said, eh, maybe wait a minute, bu it's just about time. But then the place filled up. We ran out of chairs and flyers, we hit over 100 folks for the second month in a row. KZ was also great because we had some friends in from DC and Cleveland stop by. Lotsa good food, and an after services jam with BZ, AF, and a special guest (and me on sax). Hey, if you need some place for a Friday night, you should stop by. THE NEXT ONE WILL BE IN BROOKLYN! The next one in Manhattan will be 3/31.

After services, we visited ER, who's been laid up with a bum wheel. A bunch of us made the trek, with Knucklehead and I sleepily walking back to her place around 3am. Slept through shul, woke up just in time to get ready for lunch, which was a blast. Of course, lunch lasted pretty much up to the end of Shabbas. Then we ran down to the show.

Today holds cooking, relaxing, and two BROOKLYN parties in our future. And Knucklehead is off this week, so quality time with her, yaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


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