Friday, February 17, 2006


While the Olympics take my beloved Blueshirts (and no, I'm not talking about the Azzuri) who are having their best season of the last ten years, Ruby the sports fan got a glimmer of sunshine in his dreary, gray (actually quite sunny and 50 plus degrees) winter day.

33 Pitchers and 8 Catchers reported for duty in Tampa. The 103rd season of the New York Yankees is less than 2 months away. With this team, like any team, there are questions. Well, okay, I didn't have a lot of questions during spring training for 99, 00, or 01, admittedly. But will the rotation hold up? How many of our moronic signings of last year (mmm, Pavano and Jared Wright) will take the place of starters who got us into the playoffs (Chacon, Small, and Wang). My guess is the rotation is Unit, Moose, Wang, Pavano, Chacon. Of course, Pavano still can't even throw off a mound.

The lineup is looking pretty impressive. My question is: who are the kids that we're going to bring up that make a difference. We have a few decent ones in the system, anyone have any ideas?

27 in '06!


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