Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Let me get this straight. They're not retired, but they're collecting pensions while working and getting six figures from the same employer?!?!

The patriarch of my second family, my beloved Irish conservative clan, often accused us of trying to kill him when we did something bad as youngins. Now, I just feel like the world is conspiring me to keep me awake, angry, and blogging (since knucklehead's sleepin, I can't really yell).

In a move surely designed to pop capilaries in my head, it seems that, in the last year alone, more than 100 of the New York City's upper level employees have been approved to collect huge pensions on top of huge salaries. Mike McIntire of the Wiretap Times reports that, "several high-ranking city officials have been granted waivers from laws prohibiting double-dipping by retirees who rejoin the city work force, making them eligible for tens of thousands of dollars a year in pension payments."

This includes several employees who, when their nifty pension payments kick in, are making well over 200,000 dollars a year. To give you an idea of how lucrative this is for the retirees and non retirees cashing in, Fire Commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta receives his $163,000 commissioner's salary, as well as his $97,000 dollar a year pension.

I'm waiting for everyone on NY1, the Post, the Daily News, all the local news channels, to chime in on this one. "I don't get pension payments WHILE I'M STILL WORKING FOR THE SAME EMPLOYER, why should they?!" For people to be complaining about the Transit Workers with this crap going on just makes me boil.

The full story.


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