Thursday, March 30, 2006

Measuring life in presences and absences.

I'm starting to wonder about making some changes to the Riot Act. I try to cover a lot here: my life, my poems, current and political events, jewish life, other people's art, etc. And I want to continue doing that, though am wondering if, in my desire to do this, if I can make blogger work for me like this. If any of you out there have suggestions, I'm all ears.

Among the new features I'm planning includes a featured musician(s) and poet of the month, complete with sampling of their work, an interview I'm thinking of calling 9 and 1 with the Riot Act, and how you can support them. Similarly, in addition to updates on political and social matters I think folks should know about, I'm also going to do the "Act of the Week" where I focus on a specific social justice campaign, pick up the basics, and let you know where you can get more information and how you can help.

Hmm, this is really ambitious, and work is getting busy, but I like it. I even have the first artist picked out for the first feature, and they're a group you might be surprised to find me digging. I'll give you a hint: they were just in New York as part of a joint project. That should narrow it down, it's elementary (pipe down, Schedule1 and Knucklehead).

So, this past weekend was a wonderful one, although all the folks that should've been there weren't, and missing parties turned up from their hiatus (some more surprisingly than others). Friday night was a great shabbas dinner, cooked mostly by Knucklehead (with a little help from me). Because we had other plans saturday during the day, for once we weren't cooking five/six dishes at once, a nice change. We had some great attendees, including Schedule 1 and a personal audience with Captain Squishy. Man, that dude is a cute 3 month old. Great conversation, and when conversation slows, a cute baby is always great to ease the tension. Since the Captain, along with WS and EM are moving to the Salt Flats state, it was great to have them by, and hopefully a few more will be gotten in.

Saturday, Knucklehead and I lounged a little in the morning, then headed up for my niece's birthday. Since she's a dynamo flute player already, I went the "strange uncle" (or cool uncle, depending on who you are) route and got her a Roland Kirk cd and a Herbie Mann cd. For those that don't know, Roland Kirk was an incredible woodwind player (could play three saxes at once, and sing while playing his flute), and Herbie Mann is just a sick flute player (although he looks a cross betwen Sean Connery and Jim Kelly's partner in Enter the Dragon). We spent the day with my nieces, their folks, and other various uncle and aunt types. There was a significant absence, poorly explained. And in that person's stead, my ex of many many moons ago arrived. It was nice to see her, actually. No, I mean it. I bear no ill will, we were both pretty young and stupid when shit went bad all those years ago. Still, not the person I expected to see striding in to S&D at 10pm. After taking a few people's dollars and a heart to heart with mommapoet, drove back to the parents' place and crashed.

Got up early to start moving stuff down to Schedule1's place. That's right, beeches. It's Brooklyn time. Except, of course, that the homestead provides internet. And Manhattan has Knucklehead. So while my stuff is finding a home, and I'm reunited under the roof with my brother from another mother, i'm kinda nomadic right now, and not liking it all that much. Coincidentally, if y'all got a line on a cheap office space, lemme know. And when I say cheap, I mean, like, I can make them my vodka sauce and they'll be down.

After moving a load and general mischief making, I returned to the homestead for the 'rents anniversary. Excpet Dad wasn't feeling so well, so the celebration got toned down. But then, time for a new celebration. My older Irish brother has returned back triumphantly from the dessert. Trips to familiar places for onion rings, watching the Sopranos in shantytown, and general hillarity ensues. He's only back for two weeks, but man, is it great to see him. We're going upstate to Placid, which should be a blast as always. Nothing like the middle of nowhere to calm nerves.

I've been giving Knucklehead some room to finish her grading, as she's just been slammed with work, and I didn't want to be a distraction or frustration. Stopped by her place after a fun night out in Astoria with DBQGirl, and man, was poor Knucklehead wiped. I'm really looking forward to seeing her tomorrow, so long as I can kick this sinus infection. Last night and tonight was spent with my Irish brothers.

Recommendation: Roland Kirk. Herbie Mann. Go to Norman's Sound and act like you know. Norman likes "The Inflated Tear" as a Roland Kirk disc.


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