Tuesday, March 21, 2006

the Times strikes again...

Ah, the New York Times. The wire tap burying, Judy Miller grandstanding, Ahmed Chalabi publishing, red sox owning New York Times. Yeesh. Every day, the New York Times reminds me of that Ani DiFranco line from "Every State Line":
"someone willing to settle for america'cause there's nowhere else to go"

The Times is not the Daily News or Post. It gets some things right... but it infuriates me when it gets things wrong, which is a lot more often.

How the fuck do you accept an advertising section from a country that's sponsoring genocide within its own borders? My man Ariel Beery picked this up yesterday, and Shamirpower lemme know about it.

Nicholas D. Kristof, one of your writers, has spilled gallons of ink on this topic, a one man light on this darkness when Chucklenutz won't even SAY THE WORD DARFUR. And you think its a good idea to take money from this regime? You're profitting from a country committing genocide on hundreds of thousands, even sending armies into OTHER COUNTRIES for this slaughter, and that's okay with you? To send a section of your newspaper out to every reader, slap the New York Times name on it, and say, yes, this is okay! This is great! We, the New York Times, aceept this as advertising within our paper, and it even looks like one of our sections?!?!?!

Even Rupert Murdoch knows better than this.

While Ariel and I don't agree on everything, he's a good, thoughtful cat, and has got them dead to rights on this one.


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