Sunday, March 19, 2006

Ending Shabbas tastily, V for Very Close to more than good...

US News is awful quiet, the story hasn't hit yet. Ah well. We'll wait till Monday...

In the meantime, after weekend after weekend after weekend of insanity, this one has somewhat calmed a little... KZB was great in BROOKLYN last night. Got to chill with some of the Park Slope minyan crew and be excited about the BK davening possibilities. Ahavatcafe has good t'ings to say about the new BK minyan, we'll see... after that, Knucklehead and I hit up Brother Don's feature spot in Williamsburg. Really chill bar named Stain on Grand Ave, very much recommend it (nice selection of root beers there). Nice poetry spot, very chill, very attentive audience... decided to drop something for the crowd, even though I wasn't fully packing... stumbled on a MUCH OLDER version of Why2K, which the crowd still appreciated... wow, on the third anniversary of this war, I'm soon going to have to write a Mr. 3000 poem or something. The other feature poets that read were great, and I'm hoping to get out to that spot again, and soon. Course, with so many great shabbas things happening with regularity, that ain't easy. Finally, as Buddy turned the big 2-8, joined him, Lady Buddy, Buddy's sister, the Nefarious Ones, and, of course, Schedule 1, for the festivities. Funky little bar on E 9th st. Once we pushed past the rowdy front bar st. patty's day crowd into the second room, it was real cool.

Today, while Knucklehead was at the Dar, I slept and tried to get my phone to actually work... A very chill lunch and afternoon ensued, with Knucklehead trying to catch up on her rest. We decided we'd walk down to Hell's kitchen through the park, and find a place for dinner. Went to what Knucklehead called "the thinnest restaurant I've ever been in" a place called Basilica. Italian place on 9th Ave between 46th and 47th, and delicious! Zucchini friti in large circles and not strips, with a fra diavolo sauce with it. Her Ravioli was great, and my Penne Vodka con Pollo was tasty, but perhaps the highlight of dinner were these garlic roasted potatoes that were just perfect. A huge tasty goblet of chocolate mousse rounded out the feast. Knucklehead then walked me to the theater to meet the crew to see V for Vendetta, and she headed back to get a headstart on work.

I liked it. Without giving anything away, i thought it was a worthwhile flick... but while it was decent, it could've been very good, even great, except, well... they'd do well to show instead of tell when it comes to movie. A little less bludgeoning us on the head with extraneous details would've been wonderful, thanks.

Speaking of show, not tell, new piece going up in front of this one... guess seeing Don helped the juices...


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