Wednesday, May 03, 2006

You say meme...

So, ALG tagged me, and the General did it, so as I often take my lead in life from the General, I'll follow suit:

Edit: BZ brought to my attention that I missed K. Which is particularly surprising given my name. It has been added below:

Accent: New York general, which turns Bronx if I get really mad (thanks, Momma K!)

Booze: yes please. My rewrite of the John Lee Hooker song: One Bourbon, One Bourbon, and One Bourbon. Scotch, sure, vodka, alright. Wine, yep. No beer, no gin, and tequilla and I had a falling out a long time ago.

Chores I hate: Moving Brain so he doesn't get a ticket/towed. Parking in the five boroughs sucks.

Dogs/Cats: Like em both fine, though never had a pet of my own. Schedule1 has two cute cats, and my Irish Catholic second fam always has a healthy supply of german sheppards around.

Essential Electronics: Cd player. I guess the cell phone too, now that I don't have a land line. And my cd player plays mp3 data discs, which will help keep me from buying an ipod till i can get one for five bucks in the used video game section.


Gold/Siver: Fair trade environmentally safe recycled jewelry. And if it can't be that, a plastic decoder ring.

Hometown: Well, I spent my formative years in Tarrytown, NY, though I'm prouder that I was born in NY hospital (like my entire nuclear family) and that I spent a lot of time in the Bronx growing up with my grandparents, uncle, cousins and whatnot. BEDROCK!

Insomnia: Well, I'm writing this because I can't sleep, what do you think?

Job Title: National Campaign Coordinator

Kids: Not yet. Have two beautiful nieces who remind me of the excitement that will be parenthood someday.

Living Arrangements: Either chillin the B-TO-THA-K with Schedule1 and afformentioned cats, crashing with Knucklehead and imposing on her patient and kind roommates, or visiting the 914 for the cooking, discussions, and the occasional well deserved verbal beatdown (meaning i deserve it).

Most Admired Trait: I don't know if this is most admired, but a lot of my friends seem to think I'm really outgoing and good at striking up conversations with new people.

Number of Books owned: You're kidding, right? My major in college was nicknamed I Love Reading. and I spent all my elective credits on government and english courses. you do the math.

Overnight hospital stays: I've been blessed not to have any of my own, but have had to see a few friends through the night.

Phobia: Heights. And someday soon I plan to skydive to alleviate that fear.

Quotes: "I don't want to go down fighting, I want to win" ---Esperanza, Salt of the Earth

"It's been too hard living, but I'm afraid to die, just because I don't know what's up there beyond the sky" --- Sam Cooke

"Be true to what you said on paper" --Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

"Never let they punk asses ever defeat you" ---Boots Riley

Religion: Jewish. You didn't pick up on that before? :-)

Silbings: One, two years older (ha!) and about 10 inches shorter (HAHA!) than me. :-)

Time I wake up: somewhere between 7am and 9am, depending on day of the week, moving the car, and how i slept.

Unusual talent: I can do pretty decent Louis Armstrong, Yoda, and Smiegel impersonations. Smiegel singing "Yah Ribon" is pretty awesome (prepping for my new album, Precious Shabbas)

Vegetable I refuse to eat: Brussel Sprouts; not too big a fan of raw tomatoes, though do just about anything to em and I'll eat em.

Worst Habit: procrastination. what is it about putting stuff off that is so appealing?

Yummy foods I make: Home Fries. Latkes. Vodka Sauce. Marinara sauce. Chicken Parmigiana (not that you'd know); Chicken Marengo. Matzah meal pancakes.

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio. And depending on who you ask, I embody all or none of the traits of the sign. Actually, funny story. Back when I was playing in my old reggae band, a few of the guys in the band were obsessed with this one psychic. We went to her house to pick up something, and I was in the room with her, polite, but not really saying anything. She asked me sign, I told her, and she said, you know, I was just about to say scorpio, you seem like a scorpio. Now I had heard that scorpios are supposed to be really secretive, which I'm not, so I said, "actually, i don't really think I have any of the qualities, personality wise" and without missing a beat, she says "oh, i meant in your physical form." riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight

Anybody wanna do this thing? Lasttrumpet? ZT? Cheryl?


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You skipped K!

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So I did. So noted. Will edit now.

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