Friday, August 04, 2006

A crazy week ends right (Just Keep On Struttin)

First NH(C) post up in NH(C). After an absolutely hellish week involving three major work meetings, 8 subletter interviews, moving my stuff out of storage, moving my stuff back to Brooklyn, picking up random things from the homestead and Knucklehead's place, problems with my current subletter's check, getting my landlord rent in the 914, and driving to and from Philadelphia to pick a truckload of stuff for the Summer Institute, all while doing full work days, I got to end this week on a serious positive note.

or should I say nasty downbeat.

blessed us for a second time in less than a calendar year. I don't know what I did to deserve such a blessing, but I'll take it. And as JK pointed out, they were even tighter than last time. I expected nothing less. After all, a year of playing together will do that to you, and especially when you're one of the sickest four person musical units to ever walk the earth. They were firing on all cylinders last night.

What I really liked about the set is that, back in November, they played all the great, well known tracks they do. And it was incredible to hear them doin those songs propah. But this time, they did a bunch of tracks they don't play live all that often, like Just Kissed My Baby, The World, Be My Lady, and the one I was calling for, Chicken Strut. Even gave Knucklehead a little bit of Chicken Strut on her voicemail. The band took a whole bunch of songs, really letting it flow out. It was great to see that comeraderie, which was there in November, but even more so last night.

Art seemed to be in better health, and his voice was back, it was a little hoarse in November. Leo, every bit the clown and guitar mastermind was on fire most of the night. Seeing George and Zigaboo playing together is an experience though, they absolutely mesh into a crazy polyrhymthic single unit. Their pocket is tight as hell and just plain filthy. Someday, I hope to have the chops these gents have in their toenail clippings. I would love to do music like this on horn; not so much like Maceo, who I also love, but like a sax player weaved into a constantly moving syncopated masterpiece; not soloing constantly, but adding to the whole piece.

Again, with much love in my heart to Brian Stoltz and Russell Batiste, seeing the original four back together is incredible, and I would cheerfully join the rest of NYC in seeing them every damn time they would come here.

And now, after a ridiculously early morning, Knucklehead and I have joined BZ and ER for some pre-institute Shabbas. It's going to be awesome. mostly, it's going to be spent sleeping, with some food, music, and great company. Then, the pre-institute madness begins. So excited. But first, what i really need is a day of rest. How convenient! it's almost here.


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