Friday, June 09, 2006

Proletarian Funkadelic Parliamentarian

What a show! The Coup, led by Boots Riley, put on an incredible show at the Bowery Ballroom tonight. The only downer was the absense of Boots' musical other half, DJ extraordinaire Pam the Funkstress. We missed ya Pam, but Boots held it down in your absense.

The set was dominated by new tracks from the new album, Pick a Bigger Weapon, which you should go buy right now, not just because I said so, but because they're funky righteous organizers who move masses with their words and beats. Thankfully, Boots sprinkled in a couple teases of old tracks for us fogies who've been down for a minute, but he never does "Gunsmoke" or "Me and Jesus the Pimp in a 79 Granada" the whole way through anymore. I was also surprised he didn't do "Captain Sterling's Little Problem" which is probably my favorite track on the album. Set list coming tomorrow.

In lieu of Pam, Boots is touring with a four piece band (guitar/bass/drums, and backup singer/mc Silk-E). Silk-E is a great presence on stage, girl can sing and spit game! The band was a little choppy in October, but sound tight as hell now. The guitarist is awesome at grabbing the energy when its his time, but laying back in the cut to make the track work. The drummer is just filthy, and the bass ties em all together.

What was really great was to see Boots tonight. I think this was his biggest New York crowd and biggest New York venue, and you could tell he was feeling it. I think Epitaph, along with those of us trying to spread the word, has really done a good job of getting this music heard by new folks, because the crowd all seemed to know the new album, and some of the previous album, Party Music, but not so much the older stuff, like "The Shipment" (off Steal This Album, 1998) and the first verse of "Fat Cats, Bigga Fish" (off Genocide and Juice, 1995).

Good news: they're on a ten week tour, part of it with legendary bass virtuoso Les Claypool. They're probably playing near you. Look here and see.

Oh, and the New Yorkers that foolishly missed this show last night? Well, good news for you. They're at Southpaw in Brooklyn tonight, June 9th. Get there, and see the phatness.

What the hell are you waiting for?


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