Sunday, November 12, 2006

Dammit, Russ.

Well, if I was to get involved with a presidential campaign in 07/08, this just made the decision that much more confusing:

"Sen. Russ Feingold will not seek his party's presidential nomination in 2008, the Wisconsin Democrat told the Journal Sentinel on Saturday."

Sigh. Knucklehead's response? "Isn't it early to say he's not running? He could always change his mind"

me: you don't declare you're NOT running four days after the mid-terms unless you mean it.

k: "You should write him a letter and tell him he's a poopyhead."

I did get her to see one good thing in Feingold not running, which is if he declared he WAS running tonight, that tomorrow I might be on a flight to Wisconsin.


Blogger ZT said...

what do you think of Bill Richardson? he has a great resume, a quasi-jewish name, and an awful lot of experience.
i don't know enough about why he is problematic yet.

4:24 PM  

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