Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Is this the hour the ship comes in?

Two years of nightmarish inescapable pain resides within this overweight weary body. I've been up since 5:45am, after doing an intense GOTV buildup, cutting 16,000 doors of turf and captaining phonebanks sunday, monday, and tuesday.

At 2am on 11/3/2004, I fell asleep in my hotel room, fully clothed, with the lights, television, and radio on. I had no idea about Ohio, but knew that we had Florida taken from us.

i brought my 11/2/04 t shirt with me to the phone bank, because I wanted to remember.

JJ sent me the best email on 11/3/04. "thanks for all your hard work. now let's take back the senate in '06." At the time she said it, I was defeated and couldn't even imagine that I would be a part of a budget fight, a city council primary, a mayoral election, a senate primary, a congressional primary and a congressional election in these last two years. But we fight. we keep fighting until we win. And we may pick up some control of the country tonight, but make no mistake dear readers, this fight isn't done even if we take back all of congress.

it's all over but the counting. now to take our country back.


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