Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Some bitter in my sweet/It's up to you, New York.

Humming Francis Albert's classic version of "The Theme From New York, New York" after another great playoff game at Yankee Stadium, my mood was soured by the news that Detour is closing at the end of the month.

A phenominal jazz venue that offered eager ears to up and coming Jazz musicians and free/five dollar cover to folks who wanted to hear great music but can't afford the Blue Note's 35 dollars at the tables all time, Detour has been around for 11 years now. I remember discovering it in 2000 upon my return home from time in Southeastern Helleticutt, and just digging the vibe. Great for musicians, for listeners, for people on dates with that cool someone who wants to hear some good music. Great for New York.

Another of my favorite venues closes at the end of this month. Less heralded, and probably less important in some key ways, than the Continental and CBGBs. But the point stands. How many great affordable music spaces are going to close in this city before something is really done about it? As rents, condos, the search for more parking spaces drive out businesses that make working class and middle class New Yorkers feel like they can live it up, how much more can we take? And will the rich realize what they've done when the last words of real creativity are forced from their island of opunlence?

It's up to you, New York New York.


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