Saturday, March 17, 2007

dating myself.

Yesterday, after services, I noticed a yellow-capped bottle of Coke. I'm doing my best to eradicate my own purchase of coke products, but was intrigued by the yellow cap, because that means it's KP Coke with honest to goodness real sugar in it.

I was kinda excited, remembering how "new coke" taked just like pepsi and that coke had been an actual variant that even I as an 8 year old could taste. We didn't have soda a lot growing up, but the difference between Coke and Pepsi was substantial. Then, along came "new coke" which lead the way to the switch to High Fructose Corn Syrup's domination in, well, nearly everything. So, in my excitement, I said, "kp coke!" and the following exchange ensued:

MMM: oh, did I buy that by mistake?
RK: mistake? Oh no, my friend, that was no mistake. Or if it was, it's a delicious one.
MMM: why?
RK: that's real coke.
MMM: What?
RK: that's real coke, with actual sugar, the way it used to be.
MMM: Huh?
RK: don't you remember the switch to new coke, the syrupy sweetness? There's a reason Coke is called "coca cola classic" and it's because they tried to tell people they switched back to the original formula after the disaster of Coke II.
MMM: (confused, not quite understanding why I was so excited... slowly says): No, but coke classic is the real coke.
RK: (me, now realizing MMM was quite possibly a toddler when the whole Coke II thing happened, hence his non excitement) hmm. alright... can you just pass the KP coke this way?

I realized ahavatcafe was prepping her bas mitzvah during either my senior year of high school or my freshman year of college.




Anonymous Desh said...

Wait, I thought they did switch back after New Coke tanked. You're saying they didn't? Then why did the New Coke uproar die down after they claimed to return to the old formula? Were we all duped?

(My soda tastes aren't that refined, since I don't usually drink it. I hadn't heard of this phenomenon of sugar over corn syrup being not only a Pesach thing but also a preference thing until a couple years ago. And I'm pretty sure New Coke was crappy for reasons beyond the choice of sweetener.)

8:13 PM  
Blogger Ruby K said...

They tinkered with "coca cola classic"s proportions till high fructose corn syrup proportions were right, but the only time the real recipe appears is once a week, like a yearly brigadoon of real sugar goodness.

HFCS is WAAAAAAAAAAAAY cheaper than real sugar. Hence, the switch.

2:03 AM  

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