Thursday, March 15, 2007

Tony doesn't know!

For the record, Josh Marshall and the fine folks at Talking Points Memo and their sibling site, tpmmuckraker, have done the yeoman's work behind pushing Attorneygate to the forefront, going into their vast archives to explain how the Republican claims of "voter fraud" is code for republic voter suppression, and garnering apologies from members of the mainstream media who suggested, " in this case some liberals are seeing broad partisan conspiracies where none likely exist." This story is on the radar primarily because of their work. So in it, we see yet another example of bloggers doing a better job finding and presenting the stories than the MSM.

As part of their non-stop coverage, Paul Kiel at tpmmuckraker put up the text from this morning's press gaggle with Tony Snow, who doesn't know anything, doesn't believe loyalty should be the criteria for US Attorneys, and continues the canard that poor reviews and not loyalty to the White House is what is being referred to in the volumes of emails of the docu-dump Monday. If you have a moment and want to see just how many lies, half truths, and weasel words Snow uses, take a gander.

Tony Doesn't Know!

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